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Let us introduce ourselves
What is Pedigreepedia?
Pedigreepedia has been created because of love to our four-legged friends. It's the biggest easy to use and user friendly browser of dogs and pedigrees from all continents.Pedigreepedia allow analyzing dog's family tree and informations about it and its owner or breeder.Maybe your dog is already here? Check it and update its informations. Now our work is focused on functionality that will allow you to share information about puppies from your kennel or to find your dreamed-of puppy from any place on the world.
How does it work?
Search, add and edit dogs! Our database is open so anybody can edit it. But if you are owner of the dogs that somebody already added, you can create account and assign those dogs to yourself.Then you will be able to take full control of any changes and in any moment restore old details.And finally the best - by activating account you get an access to make a contact with other breeders, easier managment of your kennel and many more! don't wait! most of breeders already got it!
Our mission?
Our mission is to create place for professional kennels and theirs dogs. By open database, breeders society from whole world and multilanguage website, we want to achieve our goal which is creation of place for all dogs breeds. Help the breeders to accomplish our mission by adding your four-legged friends or by updating informations already added by our society. Join to Pedigreepedia's family and do this mission with us!

Are you ready now to join our family?

Now when you know what Pedigreepedia is, you can join to our society and together take a part in creation of this amazing place.New contacts, lot of knowledge and informations about dogs and many more that will surprise you - all that is waiting for you!
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